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So I’m watching Fruits Basket on Netflix.

I’ve actually read the whole manga and never really saw all of the anime (yes I know it ends early), but I always liked the story and especially seeing how the artist developed over time in drawing skills and storytelling skills.

And as I’m rewatching, I remembered that my favorite character in the series was Kakeru.

And all of you are giving me a completely blank look. *sighs*

Kakeru was a member of the student council later on in the manga. Yuki was on the council with him, I think as the president, and, if you remember, Yuki used to be very princely and proper and polite and all that. Generally a stick in the mud.

Kakeru was just a dude who was goofy as hell. He didn’t know anything about the zodiac stuff, nothing. He just saw Yuki and decided he liked Yuki and was gonna be Yuki’s friend, more or less. Over time, he brought out Yuki’s more natural personality, generally by acting like a crazy person and calling Yuki a princess.

As some examples of those times, I figured I’d provide some images of that up top. (Comic pages are read right to left, by the by.)

And, eventually, Kakeru kind of got Yuki to open up and just relax and not front all the time. Yuki would chase Kakeru around and, in one scene where Kakeru nails him in the face with a soccer ball, Yuki snaps and slams him right back in the face with it. And Kakeru just laughs, more or less. He wanted to get Yuki to loosen up the whole time and enjoys Yuki for who he is, which is wonderful.

I just love Kakeru. He’s great and like nobody remembers him. He was just weird.

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    Oh my god yes Kakeru is such a little shit
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    Kakeru is also one of my favourite characters! He really needs more attention. Of course, Thoru is the first and...
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